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    I’ve just been on a date. It was awful. I met the guy online but when we met in “real life” he looked nothing like his pictures, in fact, I think the pictures were taken about 10 years ago!! He had clearly lied on his profile. Anyway, I thought I’d still give it a go and not write it off straight away. We were just in a pub so nothing crazy but he knocked back the drinks pretty quickly. He also spent the whole night talking about himself, he didn’t ask me one question! I really wanted to leave but maybe I’m just too nice, or too scared of upsetting someone, but I stayed for a few more drinks. At the end of the night, we left to walk to the tube together… it was so awkward, I didn’t want to see him again but couldn’t tell him there and then. he went in for a kiss and I turned my cheek to him haha. He then tried again but I managed to dodge it, then I said by and hurried to catch my train. He sent me a message after to ask if he could come round! Unbelievable. still, it gave me a good excuse to say that there was no way we’d be seeing each other again! Anyone else had a similar thing happen?


    Hey Lolly,
    Did you mention the photos to him? They should have some sort of verification process on dating apps so we know who we are talking to is legit! I’ve had a guy completely lie about his height. What’s the point? I’ll notice it when we meet for our date! ?
    Funny how he didn’t take a hint. I’d block him!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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