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    Well done @hollieb. Your story was so funny! Please send us a message through the site with your email address and we’ll arrange your prize!

    Amazing work from the rest of you ladies though. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. There really are some messed up men out there hey?

    Keep your eyes peeled for more comps ?



    I went on a date with a bloke I meet on POF, we agreeed to meet during my lunch break as it’s all I could manage due to having kids too, we meet at Costa, he couldn’t pay for the coffee as he didn’t have enough cash and their card machine wasn’t working so I ended up buying my own (not against it but it’s normally implied that the gentlemen buys) we sat outside talking at which point he proceeded to tell me about all the money he was making, the adventures he wanted to go on, the fact that he didn’t like children (I have 2 children) and then the date came to an end he walked me back to his car which was across from my work but wouldn’t let me go until I had kissed him and then proceeded to try and fill me up at which point I said no and walked back to work.
    When I got back to work he kept texting me but I was in a meeting then when I didn’t answer him for half an hour he proceeded to berate me like a child.
    Clear to say I blocked him and did not go on another date with him.


    Met this guy on tinder, seemed nice enough, arranged to meet at the weekend, but he messaged me a few days early saying that he was in town if I wanted to grab a coffee. So went into town to meet him, he was half an hour late and about a foot shorter than me. Not a deal breaker, but the rest of the date was…
    Proceeded to tell me he’s divorced and has a kid, who has autism, which apparently he can’t stand?! Red flags went off then, it gets worse. He told me previously that he suffers with mental health issues, but who doesn’t? It’s 2019! But neglected to tell me that the psychiatric team visit I’m every two days to check on him, then tells me he hasn’t taken his meds today because he wanted me to see ‘the real him’ he’s acting very erratic at this point and keeps on going on about how much his kid annoys him, then just casually throws into the conversation that he’s an alcoholic and used to be addicted to heroin! Safe to say, I got out of there as soon as possible. It was a complete nightmare! I notice as I’m waiting for the bus, there is someone sat in a car nearby and it’s him! He texts me asking if I want a lift home, I obviously decline. Got on that bus and hes still texting, asking if we can still go on a date on Sunday? Absolutely not! What a shambles ahahahaha


    I met a guy on pof and went round to his house, he seemed nice enough, fairly attractive and we had a good chat that night! The next day he sent me a snapchat of himself naked lying on his front on his bed shagging it, showing me what I had in store for next time I went round. I blocked him.


    I went on a first date with someone from tinder. Showed up, went to Wetherspoons (classy, I know).
    His card got rejected at the bar so I said no worries, ill get this round and he can buy the next via the app.
    We sit down and start talking and it seems to be going okay… until he tells me he has a secret. He has a kid. No problem with that for most people, but I don’t like kids and I stated that on my profile. So i say okay.. and he talks about his kid for the next 20 minutes. Then he tells me a story about how he used to be a drug dealer and spent 2 years in prison. He even bragged about how high up he was?? As if it was a good thing??
    Anyway he then tried to give me a tour of his hidden tattoos but I sent an SOS text to one of my girl friends who called, said she had broken her foot so I had to drive her to A&E. Made my swift exit and went home.
    Funny thing is he saw me get the bus home. I don’t drive. Couldn’t drive my friend to A&E, so lucky he didnt pick up on that!


    So I met a guy on Tinder and he seemed lovely at first, very talkative and kind. He even messaged me good morning and asked about my day. We decided to meet after I finished work one day and have a meal at his. He picked me and he seemed genuinely nice, but a little awkward. The whole conversation felt like pulling teeth, I thought maybe it was nerves. So we went to his and had dinner and watched a film, all very cosy. He slides closer to me, and starts flirting and one thing leads to another. I should add, he injured his ribs because his friend tackled him during the super bowl like 2/3 days before our cosy date. Anyway, whilst we’re having fun, there’s a sort of crunch and he collapses in a heap on top of me. I felt so bad that I agreed to stay and take him A&E in the morning. When the nurse saw him, she asked who I was. I said friend at the same time he said girlfriend (this was our first date). I died inside but the nurse seemed nice enough not to comment. He had an x Ray and confirmed it was just muscle bruising but on the way home, he kept joking that because the nurse asked, and it’s on medical notes, we’re a couple now. I joked but I felt uncomfortable, it was an awkward first date with a little bit of fun – I didn’t know that meant I was practically his girlfriend. I explained after that this was all too much for me too quickly and he took it well. Still messaged me a week later to wish me a happy birthday…


    Last summer I went on a date set up by a friend as an attempt to finally find me someone.
    My first impression of him was alright, he seemed chatty, confident, passionate about his interests.
    And then he started talking about his mate ‘Dave’ who was into films and animals. The way he was speaking about him though was as if I should know who he was, to the point that I thought maybe he was a mutual acquaintance that I was struggling to remember.
    Eventually, I plucked up the courage to ask who Dave was and how he knew him, to which he replied, ‘You do know who David Attenborough is don’t you?!’ And looked at me like I was stupid.
    Suddenly, I realised who he’d been talking about and that they weren’t actually friends.
    We talked abit about jobs and he mentioned being an ophthalmologist. I explained that I didn’t really like anything to do with eyes (it makes me feel a bit queezy) to which he tried to show me photos on his phone that he had of the inside of different eyes. He seemed to take particular delight in showing me one that had a tumour underneath it. When I refused to look, he laughed and said that I was really weird.
    The final straw was when he returned from the toilet and went straight to the bar. I took this as an opportunity to text a mate saying that I’d be done soon. When he came back from the bar, he’d bought me a drink which I thought was a sweet gesture. Then he said, ‘I tried shouting your name to see what you wanted.i shouted ‘Bethany’ over and over again, couldn’t you hear me?’ I then explained that my name wasn’t Bethany and that my name wasn’t short for anything, just simply Beth so I wouldn’t have answered. And he was outraged, asking, ‘Who the hell does that to that child?! Why would your parents not give you a full name?! That’s ridiculous.’
    Needless to say, I haven’t seen or heard from him since.


    Met a guy for a drink one evening as I walked upto him at the bar he was on the phone he was finishing his conversation. I hear him say ok darlin I won’t be late love you lots. This of course sounded alarm bells in my head – so I managed 15 minutes of mindless chat before I had to ask him who he was on the phone too when I arrived. He tried to lie and said it was his mum!!! I promptly left and went home via the garage for 2 bottles of wine to enjoy with my friend who was kindly looking after my 2 girls and I was out less than an hour!! He tried to call the next door to explain – he got blocked!!! Xx


    I met a guy off tinder for a date. Not only did we not go anywhere but he just drove me around in his car for 2 hours and took me to his workplace.
    when I said I wanted to go home he took me to a car park behind a bowling alley, prized my phone out of my hands and changed my tinder bio to something completely cringe worthy and then started swiping and messaging guys racist remarks on my behalf. I was so mortified I had to unmatch almost everyone.
    Safe to say he did not get his second date.


    I went on a date with a guy and I text to say I was running 10minutes late…he text back saying no problem he’d baked me a cake and had got peckish whilst waiting for me so had eaten some of it…


    First date went well so I agreed to a second date. He joked (or so I thought) that he’d treat me to a spa next time. Being a second date I thought we were just spending the day in Reading. Turns out he had booked a spa AND an overnight stay in the hotel!!! I only realised when I picked him up and he got in the car with an overnight bag. He said he’d forgotten something so ran back to the house, at which point I peeked in the bag and to my horror saw his swimming trunks and clothes!! I panicked but didn’t say anything. We then had a very awkward drive when I asked him if he was serious as I hadn’t brought any stuff with me. After a lot of fretting I decided to just go with it but that meant dashing around the shopping centre buying a swimming costume and distracting him in Boots so I could buy a razor (I hadn’t prepared myself – it was only date number two after all!!!). I then had precisely 5 minutes from him going down to reception to get robes to sort myself out – which I rushed and then cut myself shaving! It was all just a bit of a disaster, yet we had another couple of dates after that until he then booked a holiday for us! Talk about moving quickly!! Safe to say we didn’t go on the holiday and I dont speak to him anymore.. x


    I once had arranged a date with a guy I had met online. We had been chatting for a while and he seemed like a decent bloke, so arranged to meet in a pub in our town. Now, I’m not particularly fussy about fashion choices but can very much appreciate a well dressed man, however I completely draw the line at turning up to a first date in a grey tracksuit! I knew he was the guy I was supposed to be meeting from his online pictures, but when he came over and introduced himself to me, I told him I couldn’t do this date and walked away, never to answer a message of his again…


    I met this guy at uni through a friend, he seemed nice so I agreed to go out with him. He lived off campus and said he’d pick me up as I lived on there so I agreed, he said we would go out for food and he’d bring back to campus.
    So I got in his car and he drove past town and said he’d left his wallet in the house and I could come inside and wait for him if I wanted, being November I agreed. He locked the door after me and put the keys into his pocket and told me to sit down, his parents were on holiday so I need not worry. He’d been gone for about ten minutes before coming back down and declaring he couldn’t find his wallet so I said don’t worry I can pay (even though I had already decided I wanted to go home) he said he couldn’t let me do that and asked if I’d like to stay and watch tv for a little so we could talk, I agreed not wanting to sound rude. After a while I told him I was tired and wanted to go home to which he said he didn’t want me to yet, I told him I was very tired and we can do something another time to which he got down on his knees and begged me not to go anywhere, telling me he had depression and anxiety and didn’t want to be left alone again, I was a little scared so I said I’d stay for a little longer but I really must go home soon. He stood up and told me that I couldn’t get out even if I wanted to because he’d locked me in and that I wasn’t going anywhere, he stormed off upstairs and said he was going to get me something to wear for bed. I climbed out of his kitchen window ran down the street and fortunately there was a pub, I ran inside and called my friend who came to pick me up. He dropped out of uni and I never saw him again.


    Hey Ladies – well my friends recommended this as I have had many dating disasters – so not sure which one to start with. I’ll start with Mr A. Mr A and I went on a few dates after meeting on POF a few red flags the first two dates, such as he had been in Prison for assault for 7 years (bar fight gone wrong apparently). But he spoke about it so openly and seemed remorseful so I thought “you know what people deserve a second chance”. Anyway, third date came along and we had sex, pretty good sex actually, and in the morning arranged our third.

    During the time between the third and fourth date the conversations became a little naughty and we were looking forward to the date. The night before the date he started asking me about fantasies and things I like in the bedroom. Obviously interested in what he would say as his questions were leading me to ask. Well I wish I hadn’t!!!

    Mr A the proceeded to send me links to foxtail butt plugs merely suggesting that I could wear this for him “and prance around his bedroom”. Then I received links to full fur costumes which he very kindly suggested “we could build up to this”. Now I am very open minded but this was just a step to far!! Sorry Mr A but you have been blocked!!


    I have had my fair share of bad dates but this one has to top them all in my eyes.
    Mr wrong and I went to uni together and had been set up by our mutual friend. He offered to pick me up from my house but refused to park up in fear that his nice car would be scratched or marked in my ‘rough street’.
    We drove into town and parked up but at this point I had already decided that I wanted to go home. We went for some drinks and he started doing SHOTS and got absolutely rat arsed. Skip the awkward conversations to him having to sleep on my sofa, and him not being happy about it.
    The next morning he went to collect his car and the car park fee had gone up to around £50. He rang me near crying demanding I paid half of it if I wanted a second date.
    Safe to say his number got deleted and we never went on our second date ? x

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