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    So I met a guy out on a summers boozy Sunday. He asked for my number and I gave him 10 digits… if he wanted to text me then he had to guess the 11th. Sassy I know ?

    3 days later I get a message from him. I mean it took him a while but fair play,

    We set up a first date on a Sunday. Nice brunch and some drinks in the sun. Very PG didn’t even kiss. Then a few weeks later we had a second date. And he literally said let’s just get drunk!

    When we first met we had a glass of wine. Chatted… he asked weird questions like my views on drugs, if I was a bully at school… I just thought maybe he was nervous.

    After our 1st drink our second was a shot. I literally drank soooo much I can’t remember too much apart from swiping a strangers face and shhhhhing them (rude I know but I got it from a film and doing it to friends we understand the reference) than then made him take me to McDonald’s where I ordered so much food including the classic 20 nuggets. As a gesture of live and drunken affection I would dip my nugget into the source, shove it in his face, shout bite and then eat the other half. To make matters worse I made friends with a random couple of girls were we shared her burger. Looking back I can see his disgust but at the time I was unaware.

    After my binge he literally ordered an Uber. Looked at me. And whilst waving his palm in my face said “I’m sorry love I’m just not feeling this!”

    I then told all my friends and family who now randomly will let me know they just are just not feeling this regularly !!!

    Surprised that 2 weeks later he drop pinned his location when on a night out, maybe he was hungry and wanted nuggets again. Who knows?

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