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    Hi girls. I’ve been trying to avoid it but think it’s time I entered the world
    Of dating apps. Is Tinder still the best or are Bumble and Happn any good? Thank you x


    Well… Let me give you an overview below!
    TINDER: Looooots of people on here for a hook up… but I do know people that have met here and had a lasting relationship too.
    BUMBLE: This is OK… girls have to message first after a match. I feel that there are a lot of matches here but not as many of them respond – maybe that’s just me haha! Although saying that, I know that men basically swipe right on everyone where as girls are soooo much more picky!
    HAPPN: I gave this a go a while back but didn’t get that much out of it. Also found it a bit freaky to think I’d crossed paths with these people haha

    I’ve also heard that Hinge is quite good now but haven’t given it a go yet!


    Cheers Bella!

    Haven’t heard of Hinge. Maybe i’ll have a go on that one as everyone seems unlucky on Tinder and no way would I have the guts to message a man first- what if he doesn’t reply? Eek! Let you know how I get on!

    Quite excited to see what men are out there now ?



    I’m enjoying bumble.. it puts the power in the women’s hands to make the first move. So you need to be confident enough to reach out first but at least you know they already fancy you. Beware there are still knobjockeys on there…they seem to be everywhere!!


    Also best to check that some of them aren’t married haha! you’d be surprised how many of those there are out there!



    No way!!! How do they get away with it? Surely they risk being seen by someone?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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