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    Questions for you ladies…
    I’m single, have been for 9 months now and I’m loving it!

    I’ve had one little fling with someone about a 1-2 months ago and there’s a new guy on the scene. I’m not interested in being his girlfriend, and I don’t think he’s interested in being my boyfriend, but I’m up for some fun.

    So opinions on whether you think that’s a bit slaggy of me to be sleeping with 2 guys in as many months?!

    Thanks ladies xx


    @hallenotberry not slaggy at all! All I will say though, is even though right now you might not want him to be your boyfriend or the other way round, just be careful because feelings do tend to creep up on you!
    Otherwise I say go for it!! ?


    Thank you ? x


    I worry about this too. I am also single and have been for about 3 years now, the thought of being with just one person scares me so a friends with benefits thing suits me. I don’t think it’s saggy at all as long as you’re enjoying it and not hurting anyone. It gets to me that women are judged or have to worry about things like this as if we were men we would probably get a high five for it ?.


    I’ve been single a long time and was in a Bit of a “drought” recently moved out of the parental home and decided to “get back on the horse” and I don’t feel slaggy… I’m just out there enjoying myself and meeting new people..if feelings creep in I’ll slow down but for now just do what you want!


    Definitely not a slaggy! If you want a shag then just get one ? nothing wrong with it at all!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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