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    I am very confused about this boy who I am seeing, we have been seeing each other for six months. I am moving to china in September without him which he only found out two months ago , and we started out as friends with benefits. When I told him I wanted more he started acting like my boyfriend. He said he was considering moving to china with me and he starts talking about where both of us are going to move when we graduate he said he’s either moving to china or my home town.Then I called it off telling hime how hurt I am as I can’t see him as often due to his busy schedule but then got back together , I did this multiple times. Couple of days later he starts acting distant, hes tell me this is because he knows it will have to end as I’m going to China, He then starts to flakes on plans . One night he says he doesn’t want a relationship with me and wants to stop seeing me as it’s not fair on me as I want to see him more . The same night 10 mins later he decides he still wants to see me as he would miss me and he would regret it. After that he starts opening up to me telling me about his uncle dying , his insomnia and his insecurities, But also says we can’t see each other us much. His friends tell him they don’t like me but he doesn’t listen to them. Last night we decided to end it he comes round my house crying and I tell him I need to tell him something important( that I love him) and he says don’t say it I know what your going to say, he already knew I was going to say I love u without me having to say it ,but he doesn’t say he loves me back. He said he wants to end it as it’s not fair on me as I want a relationship and he doesn’t and he wants me to be happy. He tells me that seeing me wasn’t about the sex and he actually liked me but he lost interest, and it would have to end anyway . We decide on the same night to continue to see each other but in two weeks time as he says feelings will die down which is a good thing. For some reason he can’t end it and neither can I but he tells me he doesn’t want a relationship but then crys over me I don’t know what to do ?


    Hi @nriddington1,

    Sounds to me like he does like you but you are moving to China, so he is trying to convince you both that he is protecting you by breaking it off when he is actually protecting himself!

    I guess it started off casual but now there are feelings. Do you think It’s perhaps a little crazy to continue knowing it will have to end?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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