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    Second date, the first date was very boozy and ended up with a sleepover..
    He suggested a road trip as he needed to drop some work things off in a different city, he promised to take me to Scarborough after. An hour in to the drive, we’d done the work stuff and were en route to sunny Scarborough. ‘Let’s take the scenic route’ he said, and off we travelled through the Yorkshire Moors. It was very picturesque and we even stopped off at a small pub for a quick drink. Once back on the road we noticed we had a flat tyre on the VW camper van we were travelling in. Queue the following events to happen; no spare tyre, AA taking 3 hours to arrive only to be told we were pretty much up shits creak until the tyre shops opened tomorrow… that meant spending the night in a 4 star hotel in saltburn-by-the-sea, a shared bubble bath in the room and a few cheeky cocktails from the bar downstairs. We finally made it to Scarborough the following day, only 24 hours late ?‍♀️
    As second dates go, pretty disastrous, thankfully we got on and are planning another (hopefully less distasterous) date this week…

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