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    Before all of you get judgy please listen first. Ok so I’m 25 I was seeing this married guy who is 20 years older than me for the past 3 years we worked together and I had no attraction to him whatsoever just one of the firms best workers we would have a laugh but I’ve never looked at a man my own dads age in that way. But he ended up reeling. E in kept asking for kisses etc and eventually I gave in, yes my own fault I know. He made me feel special something my previous ex hadn’t, we ended up having sex in this secret place and boom went on for 2 years last year he said he wanted to focus on his wife but it wasn’t long before he came back looking for more.he promised me a future told me he loves me and then boom just asked could I be his best friends with benefits.
    I left my job and moved to a new firm, he texts me almost everyday saying oh have you moved on and small talk and I know in fact if and when I do move on he’ll begrudge me. I know I wasn’t his first affair and probably won’t be his last but my head is so messed up now I am in love with him. I just need help! Any advice please xxxx


    Hi there,

    I’m sorry to say this but it sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too. He may love you but he isn’t prepared to leave his wife for you. He should just leave you alone as he knows how you feel.

    Well done for moving jobs, at least you won’t bump into him on a daily basis. He has no right to message you and make you feel bad “for moving on”, he’s the one that essentially ended things.

    I would suggest ignoring him. I know it’s really hard, especially when you love him but you need to put yourself first!

    If it hasn’t by now then I doubt his circumstance will ever change.

    Be strong!

    Hope that helped a little,
    Single2 xxx


    Hi darlingboo26,

    None of us have the right 2 judge you first foremost. I am sorry about your situation, it sounds although you are young pressured in 2 something and are now left with the burden.

    While he goes back to his wife every night I am guessing that must hurt.
    As hard as it may be to hear it seems he has no regards 2 your feelings wants the fun but wants his married life 2.
    You are worthy of a love someone can gvie you their whole.

    You need 2 block him on your phone as hard as this may be it will catch up with him one day you can’t use people like that. I am sorry about your situation. Much love x


    I was seeing a married man although I didn’t know at the time. It hurt so much when I found out, not sure if I loved him but it hurt. Best thing to do was cut contact and block on everything.

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