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    Hi ladies, I need some advice. I’ve been dating a guy I met on bumble. We’ve been on 7 dates and he hasn’t made a move. I think maybe it means he just wants to be friends? The thing is, he keeps asking me out on more dates. I don’t want to make a move because I’m too nervous to do that… anyone had a similar thing?


    Hi @Poppy,

    OMG I had the exact same thing. I was starting to get paranoid he didn’t find me attractive. There was no little touches or much flirting going on but he kept saying how much he liked me. In the end we had a drunken night and I went in for a kiss. It was as if I released the sexual-ness as he we couldn’t get enough of one another after that! ?
    He said he wanted to be respectful. I like that but risks things going into the friend zone for sure.
    He must like you more than a friend if you met on a dating app as the main reason to meet is for it to progress. I would suggest making a move! Nothing to lose.

    Good luck. Please let me know how you get on! Xx


    Thanks! He messaged me the other day asking me out again so I just said “ok sure, but is it a date?” And he Moreno or less said he wanted to remain friends! He still messaged me a lot and we still go out on “Friend dates”. I’ve given up wanting anything romantic now though! ??‍♀️ Next!!


    No guy doesn’t want to be a friend,maybe he just a little shy!
    He would’t meet with you for 7 times!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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