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    I think i’m dating a manchild. I’m 20, and he’s 25. I went for an older man as my ex was immature. Boy was i wrong compared to this. It’s mainly since the lockdown, so i put it down to struggling with that. But i don’t know how much longer i can excuse it. He started drinking every few nights, but not house drinking, i mean i’d come in from work and he’d be smashed. Done no university work, dishes left, id do the washing, house a tip. I moved out and have been home since. He promised me he wouldn’t drink anymore and has got back to being tidy and exercising. But now he seems really stressed because he just seems to not be able to keep up. The tipping point for me is this. My mam got him a job at my mams work. The previous part time job he had i got him and he walked out on because they didn’t pay him right. Anyway, he is yet to do a full four hour shift claiming they are sending him home. Last night he told me he only stayed two hours at work yesterday bc they put him on a job he didn’t like so he went home without telling anyone. He then proceeded to tell me he got a “thrill” from it. He’s 25!!!!!! Im 20!!!! I e had the same part time job for three year and a uni student !! Like what the hell. He was working the same shift as my mam the other day and they finished early so my mam found another job for them to do. She then got called away for another job so he said “you arent here to babysit me anymore im going home for a nap” he works early mornings yes but omg!!! Is this enough?

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