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    I signed up to a parenting forum a few weeks ago and ended up chatting to a guy through a single parent post. He was a nice, polite man and we have found ourselves in a similar situation. This particular forum has a private message function, so we took our conversation off the original post and started chatting privately … still just general chat about our situation and feelings etc. I don’t have any single parent friends so it was comforting to chat with him.

    Anyway, a few days ago he messaged his number and asked if I wanted to use WhatsApp … I agreed, it was a bit awkward keeping searching through emails or logging onto the site to see his reply and send a message!

    I added him and messaged through WhatsApp … and now I can’t get rid of him now! I get minute by minute updates of his day … I kind of don’t mind that, I get how lonely it can be being a single parent. But some of his messages seem to have gotten a bit flirtatious and suggestive.

    I’ve never seen a photo of him, or him me, until we added each other on WhatsApp … he’s 11 years older than me and, looking at his photo, he’s really not my type at all. (I’m aware that sounds very shallow … couldn’t think of a nice way to say it!!) I don’t mind chatting to him but I don’t want him to get the wrong impression or feel like I’m leading him on. (I’ve been really careful about what I’ve said for this reason).

    I feel like I want to address the situation … just so he’s clear what I want. I never signed up to look for a man … it was purely for the parenting aspect of the site! On the other hand, I don’t want to assume he’s flirting, mention that I don’t like him that way, and him be offended or put out because that was never his intention!!

    Waaaah! I don’t know what to do ?


    Hi @becca3,

    Oh god, I feel the cringe for you! Nothing worse than that feeling of ooo no ?

    You may be a ‘single parent’ but that doesn’t mean you can’t be seeing anyone. Why not drop “him” in conversation some how?

    As you say, he hasn’t actually suggested verbally that he wants more and if you reference it he will just deny it and make it awkward!

    L x


    @Love I already told him I’m single … doh!! Not doing very well here!! I suppose there’s no reason why I can’t get myself a “fella” in the next few days though! Haha!

    I’ve told him I’m going out tonight (which I am later) so hopefully that’ll put him off a bit tonight!! Bless him, he’s messaged me every half an hour today … “just on my break”, “just having lunch”, “what are you up to?” ?

    I’m going to have to hang on in there until he actually mentions anything about a date, aren’t I!? Otherwise I’m going to make it worse!

    I always find them, me!! ??‍♀️


    @Becca3 Doh! Could you meet someone tonight perhaps?

    Even if you did like him, all those messages would be a bit much ?

    Good luck. Love to hear how this pans out! X


    @Love … he’s just messaged me to ask if I prefer pyjamas or a onesie, then sent a picture of his onesie covered legs!! Bloody heckers, need to find a way out of this sharpish! ??

    I’m definitely making up a new man for myself over the weekend … ??‍♀️

    I’ll keep you posted x


    @becca3 OMG how funny!!

    Don’t respond when you are out tonight.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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