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    So met a man on bumble…. decided to meet in a pub garden, sunny day so packed!
    He turns up, nothing like his pics and smelling slightly of damp. Thought I’d have a glass of wine then leave. Mid way through the strained conversation he laughed and his teeth fell out of his mouth…. fell out!!!!
    Queue me on my hands and knees trying to find them to pick them up out the grass but then realising I don’t want to touch them so pointing to them with my foot ? (I will add now that he had false teeth at 33!) he explains he didn’t put them in securely cause he was rushing and then said he’d go to the toilet and sort himself out (all while holding his top teeth in his hand) he went to the toilet and I went to the car park. Then went home.
    To make it worse someone posted on the local fb page about a couple “clearly on their first date” and he wanted an update on whether we’d see each other again because he’d seen all this unfold… im now off bumble! ?

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