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    I broke up with my boyfriend of nearly two years a week ago, he’s at uni and taking on enormous amounts of work and hours and he didn’t have time for me anymore, I think he’s struggling in himself and needs time to know who he is too, AND it was long distance. However what’s hard is we worked so well together. We’ve been best friends for about 3 years before we got together, we were both in serious relationships beforehand and as soon as we both ended up being single jumped in to a relationship but at totally the wrong time, as he was just moving away, and now I feel incredibly heartbroken that it hasn’t worked, as it felt like such a long time coming and we didn’t breakup out of lack of love. What I’m struggling with is what to do next. We obviously both need space and haven’t been in contact/don’t plan to be for a while to give ourselves time to heal but I’m feeling sceptical that we’ll ever work as friends again. I really would like to as I don’t just feel I am losing a boyfriend, but also someone who I’ve been close to for so long before we were even involved. Does anyone have a similar experience? I know it takes time but I’m struggling to think I’ll ever get to a point where I think of him as just a friend again, and If i don’t i think it’s unhealthy to try and see/talk to him.


    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear of your break up. Is your thinking that you will stay friends (if possible) to then rekindle your relationship when the time is right?



    I’m sorry, sounds like you’re having a crappy time. These things do get easier though. It just takes time. When I broke up with my ex we tried being friends but it was just too hard. I think you’re doing the right thing by giving each other space right now. Just take each day at a time… you don’t have to have the perfect plan yet x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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