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    So I started talking to this guy on POF who seemed nice, he takes me out for a drink and we get on although he seems a little more keen than me. So by the end of the night he’s already asked his Dad if I can come for a family meal the next day ? and been a bit handsy if you know what I mean ?. The following morning he’s screen shotting me pics of an apartment he wants to rent on valentines night, asked me to go on holiday with him in May, bought me expensive perfume and paid a deposit for a restaurant also on valentines night! He also asked for my surname so he could add me on fb and change is status to in a relationship ? to say I was feeling suffocated is an understatement! I politely declined all of the above and said I thought we should call it a day only to be met with hundreds of vile hateful messages from one app to another with me blocking him from all in the end. Needless to say our 2nd date never happened the perfume (if really purchased) probably went to his next “victim” and I had a narrow eacape from a psycho! Lesson learnt = never agree to a date with someone who seems far too keen already!! Too good to be true ??‍♀️. Good luck ladies stay safe!! xx

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