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    Hi guys, just wondering if you have any dating sites you would recommend? What have been your best or worst ones? I feel like I’m going to be single forever ??
    Any dating tips welcome.


    I would say Tinder is the worst. So many men just looking for hook ups and also I think there’s a lot on there that aren’t who they say they are! Either that or they’re married!

    Bumble seems to have better “quality” but you have to send the first message and sometimes it’s really hard to know what to write!

    What about Happen? Or hitch? I hear that hitch is massive in the US but not sure about the UK yet.

    If you don’t mind paying then I’ve heard guarding soulmates is a good one, not tried it myself though!

    But don’t worry, you won’t be single forever!!


    I’d love some recommendations too. I’m currently on POF and getting nowhere.

    I am trying to avoid tinder and bumble as quite a few of the guys I work with are on them. And I definitely don’t want to date any of them ??

    Free is always a good incentive lol

    Maybe, @datingmrwrong should start a dating site……


    Here goes …

    I started off my online dating journey on eHarmony. I did have the most ‘luck’ on this site, however, it’s not cheap, I kept getting matched with people who lived nowhere near (even though my radius thing wasn’t that far!!) and I only got a handful of matches a day! I did meet two very nice guys though, had some lovely dates … then they both turned out to be a***holes!!

    Went onto POF next … there’s a lot of wierdos on there!! My inbox was either full of “hi” or men telling me in explicit detail what they’d like to do to me (I’m 36, divorced, 3 kids, far from hot … I’m guessing it was a standard message!! Maybe I was meant to swoon?!?) I did have a few nice conversations with people though but they never led anywhere. There were also a lot of men I recognised from living locally … not sure if that’s good or bad?!

    Bumble next. I found this site really frustrating! Women message first which is an ok concept BUT no one ever replied!! Even when we were supposed to have swiped on each other and be a match or whatever, they just didn’t message back! Maybe I need to work on my opening message!!

    Then match, purely because I had an email for a £5 month subscription so figured I’d use it. Again, not much success to write home about but I did have a few nice conversations, swapped number with a couple and talked on the phone, but nothing I felt was going anywhere. I definitely wouldn’t pay the regular subscription fees.

    If anyone can recommend any others then I’d be very grateful … otherwise I fear I too will be single forever ??

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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