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    I’ll start with my most recent- on a date with a guy at a restaurant and we get sat next to another couple. After a while and a bit of banter with their table the gf asked if we are on our first date. I replied “yes” at exactly the same time he said “no, we’re not on a date”. WTAF. How embarrassing! Suffice to say they stopped talking to us after that awkward chat and I didn’t hear from him again! ??‍♀️


    That’s awful! I would have just turned a shade of red and got out of there! Haha


    Jesus…that’s tough! What a conversation stopper!
    I’ve had a similar situation in a bar where the guy I was in a second date with decided the girl at the table next to us was hotter and preceded to chat her up all night…. when I came back from the toilet they were making out! unreal! Needless to say I didn’t text him again. Honestly…. who are some people so brazen. At least wait till I’m at the toilet yo get her number!! #muggedoff



    Wow! I would of gone straight over there! Did you just leave?

    Sounds like you saved yourself from a shocker there. He obviously lacks respect.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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