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    Why do we class being single as a bad thing?

    I keep seeing phrases similar to ‘don’t worry you won’t be single forever’ cropping up on this site. What is wrong with being single? Clearly most of us on this site are single, so why not celebrate it together. Maybe we should be saying ‘don’t worry we are in this with you’ or ‘don’t worry you’re not alone’.

    Single life means I get to choose how I spend my money. It means I can choose what I eat and where I go. Sometimes being single is the best thing. So maybe we should all embrace being single?

    I know it’s not always that easy but if we change the way we look at it maybe we will feel better about it and about ourselves.


    AvatarDating Mr Wrong

    Hi @Lost_Girl32,

    We completely agree with you!

    Any doubters should read our post here;

    Single & loving it!

    Being single isn’t the end of the world but for some people having someone is all they want in life. Like you, we want ladies to enjoy the ride which is why we started this site. Let’s come together and embrace it! ??

    DMW x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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