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    My most recent date was 41, had a child and worked off shore, 3 weeks away, sounds perfect! He messaged in the morning for the first time with general chat then asked if he could call me. I’m not the type of person who likes talking to men on the phone, why call when you can text?! But on this occasion I thought why not?! So he calls me, said he was tired from just coming back from his job, jet lagged and had been drinking. Half of the conversation was lost on me as the signal for the call was not good and he seemed drunk in his speech, but again I give him the benefit of the doubt and when he suggests I go to his house, I think why not?! So I jump in the car and go to his house which is about 5 mins away. He meets me outside in his pyjamas which look like hospital pyjama bottoms, which he’d either stolen or he’d just absconded from tge local mental hospital. He looked better in real life than his pictures so we went up to his flat. We had general chit chat for a bit getting to know each other, he was a nice guy, kept asking if I wanted food or drink or a blanket cause I was cold so he seemed quite attentive. He was a starer, he would inspect every aspect of my face, telling me how amazing my hair was, how perfect my eyebrows were, that my lips were perfect and that I had the cutest button nose. He maybe did this 10 times over the 3 hours I was there. We kissed eventually, The kiss was nice although slightly forceful, holding my head so I can’t get away! Again he had a wee grope and although a bit fast I didn’t feel uncomfortable. He then started shouting vodka straight whilst I was completely sober! We chatted a bit more, he suggested meeting up for dinner and then he walked me to the car. We have a mutual friend in common so I asked him if he was a nice guy and he said he was, I’d say he was a good judge of character but literally 5 mins after I asked him I got a text from Mr 3 asking for a favour! Weird asking for a favour already, seemed a bit strange but I asked what it was. He wanted me to lend him £20. A 41 year old man who works offshore (so I’d assume he gets well paid) asking a single mother he’d met the night before for money. I feel like I’ve got invisible ink on my head with the word ‘MUG’ written on it. I politely declined and said I wouldn’t be meeting him again and blocked him. Who in their right mind would do that?!

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