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    Not a first date as i would never do this on the first date 🙂
    Had a date with a guy i had been seeing for a few months and got a bit frisky one day. It was all going very well until he missaimed and i got an eye full of, lets say his man juice!
    Most painful thing ever and as my eye swelled and bagan to close i was adamant i was going to go blind, so i made him take me to a&e. He seemed a bit nervous and didn’t want to take me but i kicked up such a fuss i finally persuaded him. Sat in a&e i finally got called through to see the nurse, however my date was no where to be found. After being honest with the nurse we walked out of the room and i heard her call out his name. I looked from one to the other and before he even said it i knew what was coming ‘hi mum’ he replied.
    Worst. Date. Ever!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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