First Love

My first love. I had always wanted a long-term boyfriend so when “the one” came along I fell head over heels right away (despite actually fancying his best mate first). He was perfect. Or so I thought. The first year was great – that’s the honeymoon period though right? After that the cracks started to show. He started going out with his friends a lot more than he used to, which I didn’t mind but it’s the rumours that came with those nights out. “I saw your boyfriend last night with another girl, I didn’t know you’d split up?” Whenever I confronted him I was made to seem like the untrusting, paranoid girlfriend which I believed was actually what I was. He loved me after all. After 4 years (yes, 4 years) I finally decided enough was enough. I spent MONTHS thinking I had done the wrong thing “will I ever find anyone else?” “I’ll never fall in love again” blah blah – you know the score.

It took me ages to even begin to look at any other men and what made it worse was that he met someone, what felt like, right away! Just. Not. Fair.

In the end i decided to embrace my newly found single life. I went out with my friends, went on holidays and even went travelling for a year! And eventually I did meet someone else, and I did fall in love again, and this time it was even better. As the saying goes – what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. This is very true.

My advice to any of you girls out there that are staying with their “Mr Wrong” with fear of being an “old spinster” – your happiness is the most important thing. You will meet someone else eventually and it will be better than the last one. Sit back and have a think – how many “older” women do you know that have been left on the shelf? Really? I bet it’s not many – if any at all! Be positive ladies and definitely don’t settle! You’ll regret it in the long run…



  • Avatar Beth says:

    Sooooo true. I was devastated when I split up with my first boyfriend. I didn’t date anyone else for a year after that! Now I look back and realise it was probably a good thing that we split up. I’m also not sure that it’s true when they say “you’ll always love your first love”. I really don’t, but when we split up I thought I would! haha

  • Avatar Emma says:

    I’m currently with my first love. 5 years in and it’s far from perfect. I think about ending it but I worry that he’s the best I can get. I’m nearing 30 and want kids. Plus I do love him. But it feels like such hard work. I’m struggling to even get him to move in with me.

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