Marie Kondo. Your exe’s!

If you haven’t already heard of Marie Kondo, then let us give you the basics. Marie Kondo has a series on Netflix which after watching has had its audience all over Amazon Prime finding drawer dividers, and throwing out most of their accumulated belongings. Her concept involves decluttering your home and only keeping the things that spark joy. Those things are then put away in a tidy, well organised way which in turn makes you a happier person. Imagine cutting out the 10 mins it takes to find a decent pair of pants!
So we thought, how about Marie Kondo-ing your past relationships. Are you still friends with exes on FB? Are the contacts in your phone full of random men you’ve met over the years? How about getting rid of the old to make room for the new?
We thought we’d start the cleanse at DMW HQ. This was our process:
Before the deleting begins, it’s good to have Ariana Grande’s, “Thank You, Next,” in your head, since before saying goodbye you should say thank you. Whether good or bad there was a lesson to be had.

Social Media

Primarily focusing on Facebook as when it first launched we were making friends with anyone who had an account! We all have that birthday reminder that pops up and we think, “Who the hell is that?” This is a good opportunity to cleanse all the, “Not really sure who that is,” people too. If you’ve not spoken to them in years, we doubt you’ll find the urge to in the future.
Now for the exes. Have you kept a connection so you can have a stalk when you need your fix? Does it actually help seeing them with their arms flung around some sexy chick on holiday? Of course not! Unfriend, unfriend, unfriend. Let’s free your mind of the blurred lines!


Man in Diesel T-shirt. Taxi rank guy. Yep, these are some of the names stored in our team’s phones! If you can’t remember who he is, delete. If it’s an ex will no unfinished business, delete. Someone whose messages don’t spark joy, block.


We’re sure some of you have been there – deleted a guys number whilst secretly knowing you’ve a message somewhere with his digits! Be honest with yourself and delete all the messages to the contacts you have deleted. Then there’s the messages with unsaved contacts (always annoying), if you can’t work out who you were having bants with all that time ago, delete!

Oooh hello

Whilst having a virtual clear out, you may even stumble across an old fittie that for whatever reason slipped through the net. If so, and they had potential, why not give them a little nudge? Obviously sign your self off, they may have changed phones and no one wants a, “Sorry, who’s this?” message. He may be married, but he may be single and ready to mingle. Only one way to find out, and you have nothing to lose!
Happy cleansing!
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