Secret lover

You know what you are like when you finally meet someone you like. There is no stopping you banging on about how amazing you think they are. You’ll tell anyone that will listen and let’s be honest, if it’s been a while since you’ve had a guy you’ll be telling strangers on the tube!

However, have you wondered if it’s the same for him? Has he told the people in his everyday life about you? Or are you being kept a secret?

If it’s early days then these things will take time but if you are “official” and have been dating a while then here are the tell tale signs…



Have you met any of them? Is he inviting you along to any social gatherings where girlfriends will be attending? If you haven’t, why not suggest that you’d like to meet them and tag along. He should want to show you off! Or maybe he has hot mates he wants to keep you away from…



Not everyone is close to their family therefore if he only sees them on special occasions the opportunities may be sparse. But if he’s a ‘pop over every Sunday for a roast’ kind of man then there are ample moments for him to introduce his new love in a nice relaxed environment.

Assuming you want to meet them of course and he has met your folks, ask where your invite is? We know what boys’ mums are like – if she knows about you, she’ll be begging him to meet this young lady.


All the socials

Is he splashing hot pics of you two on his accounts or even making it official on FB? If not, why not? Maybe tag him in one of your posts and see how he reacts.


Say my name

When he takes a call and you’re with him, does he mention you are there? Or when you call him, are there certain times (aside from work hours) that he doesn’t answer your calls or messages? If he does, does he say your name when he answers? Is he leaving a quiet room to speak to you?

We’ve not written this post to make you paranoid. Of course, some people are very private and you may well be reading this thinking that you have no interest in meeting his friends and family. If you’re happy keeping it special between you two, fab!

If however you are reading this and seeing red flags, you can throw some of our suggestions out there and see how he reacts. He should be happy to shout about you. If not, it could be down to a few factors:

  • He may still have feelings for an ex and not want them to know he has met someone else
  • He doesn’t see a long future for your relationship
  • He’s simply not 100% into it

You deserve to be shown off at any opportunity. If you feel unappreciated, move onto someone who is proud to have you on his arm.

However, if you are keeping him a secret, maybe it’s time to own it. Are you really feeling it?


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  • Avatar Vikki says:

    I met a man at the end of last year. I thought he was the man I had been waiting for. He introduced me to all his family and friends, he was the one that wanted to put posts on social media, he made me feel very very special. After a 21 year relationship, feeling like I did with this man made me question the feelings in that relationship.
    However after being swept off my feet he then went very distant in a matter of days and the whirlwind was over! This man who did all the right things, said all the right things friend zoned me!! He broke my heart.
    But what I have taken from it, is that I can love again. X

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