Not keeping up with your dating admin?

You are watching your favourite TV show, whilst distractedly shopping online. Your bored fingers are flicking through the categories – clicking shoes into your basket, “hearting” things for later, umming and aaahing over the expensive jeans. Occasionally the window shopping will satisfy you enough that you close the app and forget all about the gorgeousness that had grabbed your attention moments before. A few days later you remember the stunning shoes you popped in your basket and decide, f*ck it, I’m going to treat myself to them, and the jeans too while you’re at it. You log on and feel completely deflated when you realise they have sold out!

Now compare this to your dating life. Have you been matched to a hottie or even been chatting to a guy you liked who was actually messaging back, but left him lingering for so long that when you finally got in touch you were too late?

If someone has caught your eye ladies, snap them up! From all the messages we have been sent from you ladies of the horrendous sexual advances you receive, you know that good men don’t pop up that often. You can’t afford to be slow on the uptake. Dating sites take a bit of admin. Boring, but in this century it’s necessary.

If you have left an actual dating app gent (yes they do exist) waiting, be sure to log on, reply and snap this rare gem up!

If however, it’s you that has been left waiting and painfully checking your messages every two minutes and still nothing. In this instance, they haven’t met you and brought the person in the messages to life. Therefore, they don’t really know you so how could you take it personally? Also, you know yourself how “life” gets in the way. If you had been talking to someone who you felt you had a connection with, why not reach out one last time. If no response, delete and move on but at least you tried.

Have you missed out in the past and regretted it? Or moved on and a guy you liked finally got in touch? Typical!


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