Dumped Pre-Date!

It’s the 21st century. We’re meeting the majority of our potential suitors online. You’ve been matched with someone; swiped, liked, tapped, poked or any other myriad of options to find a date, and have started talking to a like-minded man.

Conversation is flowing, you have tons in common, you live near each other and you are even making yourself laugh with your witty comebacks.

You are close to securing a date, or already have one lined up when suddenly one of the below happens:

  • Complete radio silence. He has disappeared off the face of the Earth
  • He has just realised that he is busy for the next six months
  • He forgot to mention he is going travelling
  • He has got back with his ex
  • He has met someone else
  • He has changed his mind

You have just been dumped before even meeting him in person. WTAF?

Taking it to heart? It certainly feels like it’s personal. STOP! You have to remember, the likelihood of him talking to a handful of other girls at the same time as wooing you, is highly probable. After all, you’re speaking to other guys too, aren’t you?

If this happens it’s best to quickly forget about him and move on to the next potential Mr Right. After all, you’re never going to know the exact reason for it and dwelling on it is only stalling your chance of finding a man. Thank you, next!


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