Over it

In the beginning he could do no wrong. His jokes were hilarious, you loved all the cute, endearing, weird things he did, you loved the sweet PDA’s and you wanted to tell the world how amazing he was!

BUT, slowly you’ve started noticing all these annoying little things he does. Has he always been such a noisy eater? Must he leave his dirty boxers on the floor? He’s hoping for some sexy time, but the thought of it makes you sick. You find yourself making excuses not to see him, and the excitement of seeing his name pop up on your phone now fills you with dread.

WTF has happened? Why has it happened? He ticks all the bloody boxes, your family love him, your friends love him, but for whatever reason you are over it.

There is no scientific explanation as to why you have had a change of heart. Did we ever really love them if we can stop being in love with them so quickly? Who knows!

Whatever you do though, let him down gently.


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