Don’t be late

You have secured a date and spent all day chatting to the girls about how excited/nervous you are, you’ve been shopping for an outfit and had your hair done. You arrive at your rendezvous hoping he’ll be there before you but he hasn’t arrived yet. You make your way to the table to sit and wait. Five, ten, fifteen minutes have gone by and nothing, not even a text. Finally he turns up half an hour late! What do you do?

What’s the excuse?

There are the obvious, unavoidable hold ups such as being delayed on public transport, or being stuck in a meeting with your boss. Or even he had some sort of genuine emergency. But nothing else flies.

It’s all in his reaction when he finally arrives:

Apologetic: Dream reaction! If he is saying sorry profusely then you know it wasn’t intentional so accept his apology and enjoy your date.

Indifferent: Apologises but moves on straight away, not even acknowledging that you may be slightly pissed off.

Ignorant: Doesn’t apologise and sees no issue with being late.


How does he feel about you?

If he is sorry and makes up for it on the date, then it was a genuine delay. If however, he is completely dismissive of the fact that he left you waiting, then he has no regard for your feelings and more importantly, no respect! Are you one of many that week which is why he took his opportunity with you for granted? You are too damn hot to be left waiting!

Punctuality applies to both of you. “Fashionably” late is a no no on a first date lady! This is the first time you will be meeting this man, make a good impression. He could be your Mr Right!


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