He is not Worthy

Are you in the early stages of dating someone but struggling to figure out if he likes you?

Here are some sure signs that you should stop wasting your pretty time:


He keeps moving away from your sexy self

How he can resist you we don’t know, but he moves away when you lean in close or avoids any body contact whatsoever.

 He keeps looking away from you

He seems distracted and isn’t giving you the attention you need.

He keeps checking his phone

He is either messaging another chick, or waiting to hear where his mates are.

You face plant his hand when you go in for a kiss

Says it on the tin. Save your lipgloss.

He seems really disinterested in what you have to say

He doesn’t add anything to your conversation and answers any questions with a nod or yep/no.

There are awkward silences

There is such a thing as comfortable silence – this is the opposite.

He is talking about other women he is dating

He is mentioning ladies he has been chatting with. This is obviously to either wind you up, or let you know that things are going nowhere.

He is checking out women in front of you

His eyes area wandering around the room and you catch him looking at the same woman a couple of times. How dare he do that in front of you!


If you are feeling anything else but special, move on beautiful!




  • Avatar Em82 says:

    I’ve got amazing mates who put up with all kinds of crap from guys. Let’s take control. Us babes deserve the best! Xx

  • Avatar JS says:

    Why can’t males just communicate? Would make life so much more simple

  • Avatar Katie91 says:

    I was dating someone recently who wanted to take things “slow” whilst he also dating other women lone and behold I decide to no longer communicate with him and he has a girlfriend pretty much straight away! I’ve never met someone who dampened my confidence so much

    • Avatar Love says:

      This has happened to me! Like he was seeing me while looking for something better to come along. Such a kick in the teeth. He was so nasty to me too. I did nothing wrong! X

      • Avatar Katie91 says:

        Same here he said he was still talking to other women so he could pick out his favourite I felt like I was on constant trial. He would ring me and then say well I have to go and talk to one of the others now. My own fault for putting up with it. That’s was angers me more not how he treat me but that I allowed it to happen.

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