Date ready

You have been texting, calling, stalking him on Facebook/Instagram and convinced yourself he could be the one. Now the time has come: THE FIRST DATE!


The outfit

You may have a great pair of boobs, legs up to your armpits or a bum like JLo, but the first date is not the time to be flaunting your best assets. Leave a little up to their imagination. They’ll be checking these out whether they are in their face or not!

If he has arranged a surprise date, try to find out what the dress code might be. There’s nothing worse than turning up to bowling in a pencil skirt.

If you have an item of clothing you like which is uncomfortable, don’t wear it on the date, wriggling around trying to poke the underwire back in your bra all night will not portray the sexy inner goddess you possess.



For some reason you will feel the need to cake on the bronzer and mascara. Hold back if you can. Firstly, you don’t want him to be in complete shock when he sees you without (when/if he ever gets lucky with you) and if he goes in for a hug and is wearing a light coloured top he will be left with a nice orange mark to remember you by.



Resist over doing the hairspray – he’ll get trapped in the nest!


Killer heels (literally)

Nothing worse than buying the most stunning pair of shoes to later find out they hate feet. Do not make this the first occasion you wear them out. Limping with one arm around your date who’s holding your handbag is not the ending you are hoping for.


This one time

Most of us have exes, have been hurt and have a past. Going on about the one that got away or broke your heart is a bit much for the first date. Keep it light: “I’ve been single for about a year,” – good. “I’ve been single for about a year. My ex was an idiot. He text the other day but I haven’t text him back. Oh, I’m over him by the way,” – not good.


Don’t get too drunk

Dutch courage, we all need it from time to time, especially when we are meeting our possible Mr Right. Line your stomach before you start drinking. Drink by all means but pace yourself. Remember (most) men will be able to drink more than you. Try to stop before the slurring starts – ishnot vershy sexchy.


Don’t interview him

He hasn’t come for a job interview. There will be a mountain of questions you will want to ask, but go gently, don’t interrogate the poor fella.


Hey hot stuff

You like him. He turned up and your heart skipped a beat. He is HOT! You are flirting outrageously, laughing at his jokes, twiddling your hair between your fingers and edging ever closer to him. Woah sister, now is not the time to start planning your wedding together (especially not out loud), try to play it down and secure the next date!


What was your name again?

Opposite to the above is trying to be too breezy. There’s playing it cool and there’s being closed off.


Let’s talk about sex baby

You may be the best at giving blowies or love it hard and deep, but this is not info to share on a first date. Talking about sex so soon will give the impression that this is all you are after. If all you want is a bit of the other then go for it. However, if it’s not, maybe leave the 50 shades chat for another time.


Rules on paying the bill

Seeing him again: Show willing to pay but eventually let him cover the bill. You can pay next time.

Not too sure yet?: Split it.

No way Jose: Pay baby pay, or at least split it. This way you won’t feel like you owe him anything and can leave the date guilt free when you say no to date number two.


Most of all enjoy gorgeous!



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