Dry Body Brushing

There are so many benefits to giving your skin a good body buffing. The key reason, and one that will grab your attention the most, is that it can help to reduce CELLULITE!

We are full of toxins. It would be impossible to stop them flooding our bodies but we can give it the nudge it needs to cleanse them out. Body brushing improves our blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which assists in flushing out the toxins.

Other great advantages include:

  • The bristles help to get rid of old skin cells on the surface of the skin. This encourages skin renewal and leaves the skin silky smooth.
  • Gently using the brush on your delicate area helps to prevent ingrowing hairs.
  • As well as helping with our cellulite situation, it helps to spread fat deposits more evenly, leaving a less bumpy silhouette.

The method

Buy yourself a round, natural bristle brush such as the Mio Skincare – picture above.

The best time to body brush is in the morning BEFORE your shower:

  • Start at the soles of your feet and brush all the way up your body, Short strokes and circular movements towards the direction of your heart.
  • Apply enough pressure that your skin is left tingly and feeling alive, but not too much that you are sore. Find the right balance.
  • Give extra attention to your thighs and bum, especially if you have “orange peel”.
  • Once you have brushed your legs, and as much of you back as you can, move up to the palms of your hands and arms.
  • Brush your stomach in big circular clockwise movements.
  • Light strokes from your collar bone towards your heart.
  • Don’t forget to brush behind your knees, upper inner thighs and armpits, as these are where your lymph nodes live.
  • Ta-dah! You skin will be perfectly prepped to absorb your favourite body firming potions.

If you can manage to do this mindfully, it really does feel fabulous!

Follow this with a drink of hot water and lemon to really get the metabolism going.



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