Unrequited Love

Is there anything worse than feeling utterly in love with someone and them not feeling the same way about you?

You have told them how you feel, and they have done one of two things:

1. Been straight up that they don’t feel the same way

This feels like an arrow straight through the heart, but be grateful for his honesty. If it is genuine love you feel for him, you obviously can’t stop your feelings and although it wasn’t good to hear, he has given you the gift of freedom!

2. Taken advantage of – by advantage we mean, reaping the benefits without the commitment

From experience, one of our team were madly, deeply in love with someone who managed to convince her that he felt the same way, but was not ready to settle down, “Let’s sleep together but not get serious for another few years.” Caught up in the moment and with strong feelings for him, she agreed! On relaying their conversation to a friend, she burst out laughing. “So basically, he will be shagging you but dating other people at the same time until he is ready?” She says if she could go back in time and slap herself she would.

If you are in this position now, we beg you to say NO. You don’t deserve to be treated as second best while they wait for someone “better” to come along. If he honestly loved you, he would not waste time dangling a carrot and keep you in the background when there is no other chick around. Rejection is one thing, but having your heart broken again and again is torture! Don’t do it to your amazing self. Who the f*ck does he think he is? Initially it will be the hardest thing to do, but break ties, block him from your life and we promise you, in time, you will realise it was the best decision you have ever made. Make time for the guys that DO want to date you, not the arseholes who take you for granted.



  • Avatar The biggest Chump says:

    I’m in an even worse situation-the guy I’ve fallen for is taken. And he is very clear about it. Yet he messages me like he is trying to ‘woo’ me. And I’m a sucker. ?

    Enjoyed the posts so far

    Thanks xx

  • Avatar Jenny says:

    Goodness…this happened to me with a guy I met online…I told him stuff I’d never told anyone else. He even paid for a flight out to California to meet him. I foolishly though we were really close but it all changed when I got back home. He is the guy that broke my heart. I’m now once bitten and six times as shy!!

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