Single & loving it!

It’s funny that when asked if you have a boyfriend and reply with a “no”, it’s often assumed that you are looking for one. Sad and depressed like Bridget Jones at the thought of being alone. Hello people, not every woman on the planet wants to be in a relationship! Some people find it really hard to grasp the fact that some of us may actually enjoy being on our own. Maybe not forever, but at this precise moment in our lives, we are LOVING being single, free and fabulous!

For those doubters, here are some of our reasons.


Spend it on you

You work hard for your money, so being single means you get to spend every penny on yourself.


Do what you want

Wake up Sunday morning a little hungover and think, “I would love to stay here all day”. Guess what? you can! You can do whatever you want. All you have is guilt free “you” time.



Forget the days of clinging onto the duvet, fighting for space or listening to a rumbling snore. You have the WHOLE bed to yourself. Spread it baby!


No more small talk

Awkward conversations with his idiot mate or weird family are a thing of the past.


Set those puppies free

Get home, ping your bra off and stick on some comfies without having to worry about impressing anyone. Spend your whole weekend make-up free and if you can’t be bothered to shave your legs, then you don’t have to. Think of the money you save on grooming your lady garden too.


Yours all yours

Joey doesn’t share food, and neither should you. Order whatever you like and every last mouthful is yours.


Hey Mr

You can flirt with any gorgeous man that pops into your life whether it’s eye contact in the supermarket, a cheeky smile at the gym, or a straight forward chat up line in a bar, you can embrace it all.


Shop until you drop

How may times have you seen a miserable man stood outside a store with his other half apologising for popping into one more shop? Not us single ladies. You can shop all day and night if you please, without having to justify why you have gone back to the first shop you went into to buy the dress you tried on hours ago.

See, being single has its perks!



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  • Avatar lov3r says:

    Aside from missing the obvious (sex) I am loving it. Especially this summer. Long summer nights with my girls. No time to date!

  • Avatar H says:

    I really thought I’d hate being single. I was with someone for 7years, living together and everything before he started sleeping someone else. But I am absolutely loving being single. I go out with my friends pretty much every weekend, I’m buying my own house, I get chatted up and messaged all the time. I really never imagined anyone would want me again. I’ve only been with one person since my relationship ended (that was a rebound and much needed!) and there’s another guy that’s messaging me now. I’m just worried that I’m being ‘slaggy’ if I sleep with someone else a month after being with the rebound guy. I’m just having fun but… opinions? Xx

    • Avatar lov3r says:

      H, I say go for it! No harm in and having a bit of fun. You spent 7 years with the same person. As they say “get yours”! ?xx

      • Avatar Hallenotberry says:

        Good point! Guess I’m just not used to all this! Xx

      • I agree with that! Just enjoy your fun and be single, girl! I’m in this process, after a long relationship too. It’s a little weird being with “many guys” after being a long time with just one, I guess. But it’s your time! Enjoy it! If you want to be with just one (the rebound guy) or others, it’s your choice, just feel your wishes and be happy!

  • Perfect! I was with someone for 4 years. I’m from Brazil and moved to England. Our relationship didn’t work at distance as same as it was. So, we decided to end. It was a good ending, and I thought I would miss him more. But now I just keep thinking “I don’t want to go back to impress guys. I don’t want to share my space, my life. I’m too good living for my own pleasure!” I think this is the most amazing feeling a woman can ever feel about herself!

  • Avatar Vikki says:

    I was in a relationship for over 20 years, it was my choice to walk away due to factors that are now in my past!
    But I am loving my single life again!! (I was independent before and loved it then!!)
    I am having the best time going out on dates and sometimes it leads to being two consensual naughty adults!! But then if I wish I can close my front door and have a night alone with my fabulous self!!!
    I can honestly say that I do not want a relationship, not saying never as I don’t know what the future holds, but for now being single, fabulous and being naughty is just what the doctor ordered!!!
    Strong independent women ????

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