Mr Not So Right

It’s over. Whatever the reason, you or your ex decided that you were not meant to be. It can be absolutely devastating, especially when in the end, it’s not just a love you have lost but also a friend.

You may feel like you want to sit in the dark listening to Sad FM and let the world go on without you, BUT YOU CAN’T. We won’t let you. One of the reasons we created Dating Mr Wrong is because we want everyone to come together, pick each other up and continue the crazy journey of love!

Here are our top survival tips:


…until your eyes are puffy and you can’t catch your breath. Crying actually releases endorphins, our bodies’ natural painkiller.


…analysing and excuses. Whatever the reason, you are not together.


…the classics. A good old chick flick, they give us hope.


…out that body. It will help clear your head and release happy endorphins. Crying and exercise – the power couple!


…all forms of social media links with him, or even better, go complete cold turkey and deactivate your accounts for a while. This is cleansing on so many levels but most importantly, it prevents stalking and becoming obsessive!


…his number. Busy fingers can cause more damage and add to the head f*ck. You text, he doesn’t reply. Waaaah!


…is not so sweet. You don’t want to be remembered as the bitter b*tch.


… under someone else. Rebounds aren’t for everyone, but if you find yourself in a mutual, no strings attached, situation then go for it!


…like sleeping beauty, sleep is a healer.


…with your mates. Meet up with the funniest you have.


…yourself. You are one gorgeous babe!



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  • Avatar Kat says:

    This is just what I needed. Thank you for launching this platform on the most perfectly timed day for me personally. I know this space will provide comfort, strength and empowerment for hundreds of women but for today it feels as though this entry was written for me, so for that thank you! Onwards and upwards 🙂

    • Avatar Dating Mr Wrong says:

      Thank you. That’s the plan. We want to provide a community for women who have been pulled apart in bad relationships and banging their heads against a wall in the dating world. Let’s lift one another up! Hope we help you x

  • Avatar Anna Holmes says:

    Absolutely love this, I’ve been struggling so much lately. I am going to start being more positive and get rid of my social media for a while to cleanse my soul ?

    • Avatar Dating Mr Wrong says:

      Good plan, it’s the best way to cleanse and just focus on yourself and the beauty around you. Hope it helps x

  • Avatar Becky says:

    Oh wow!!! This is amazing. I’m so glad us women finally have somewhere we can go to when it does go all wrong! Absolutely the tips you’ve given thank you x

  • Avatar Anna says:

    I have been struggling so much recently with my break up. I cannot stop crying. My relationship recently ended after months of pain after I was cheated on. I was so in love & we had just moved into a new flat in a new city so he could pursue his dream, I chose to forgive him. But I couldn’t get over it & in the end he broke up with me after everything I did for him. Reading this has definitely helped as I keep thinking the crying needs to stop but it just doesn’t. Along with the ache I feel inside, I know it’s just part of the process.

    • Avatar single2 says:

      Anna, this resonates with me so much! I also dated someone who cheated on me. We stayed together but he never wanted to listen to my feelings and actually got impatient and ended it because “I wouldn’t stop going on about it”. Wow! Really annoyed me that he finished it after everything I put up with. At least we have here to moan and get support now ??

      • Avatar single2 says:

        Oh and there is nothing wrong with crying! Xx

        • Avatar Anna says:

          I feel like I am crying a little less every day & the anger of what he did to me is starting. He also didn’t like to hear the reality of what he had done but I needed to talk about it in order to process my feelings. There were some days he seemed to have forgotten all about what he’d done & would also get annoyed when I brought it up. I always said if I was cheated on I’d end a relationship straightaway but faced with it, it was entirely different. I don’t regret trying to make it work but I will never let this happen to me again. I am so glad to have this as an outlet & to know i am not alone! xx

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